Ramadan is month for sharing.

Share timelessly and with no geographical bound with RAMA.
With environmentally friendly products that are produced sustainably by local manufacturers, RAMA is the right and planet-friendly gift for loved ones.


IDR 99.000
2 Premium Cookies
2 Mysterious Eco-Friendly Product!


IDR 139.000
2 Premium Cookies
4 Mysterious Eco-Friendly Product!

Why KoBagi (Kotak Berbagi)?

A perfect gift for the loved ones, and the environment.
Find a surprise item in each KoBagi!
You will get a variety unique eco-friendly products in each box! A new way of sharing, to bring smile through every box.
Pick up your box, cut the carbon emission.
Be a hero for the planet. Your little step is making the world a better place! Choose out local coffee shop partners, and grab your box there.
Make more smiles. Share with those in need
With every purchase of KoBagi, we will give an iftar meal for children in need.